How to get in touch

If you would like to contact us to query something, please send an email to and we should be able to sort it out quickly.

Where to start if you would like to make a Complaint

If the matter cannot be resolved to your satisfaction by the staff please email and direct your email to the Complaints Officer or send a complaint in writing to the Complaints Officer, London Mutual Credit Union Limited, 4 Heaton Road, Peckham, London SE15 3TH. You can also make a verbal complaint by calling 020 3773 1751.

Tips on making a written complaint

  • Include your full name, address and any reference or Membership number, at the top of the letter/email
  • Include the date you made your complaint (you can then monitor the time it takes to receive a response)
  • Write a brief summary of your complaint at the beginning of your letter/email
  • List the facts clearly and in a sensible order of events
  • Send photocopies of any relevant documents – but be sure to keep the originals
  • Keep a photocopy of every letter/email you write

The complaints Process

We will aim to deal with your complaint as thoroughly and as quickly as possible

We will

  • Investigate your complaint immediately.
  • We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within five working days.
  • If we cannot resolve your complaint quickly, or need more time to investigate, we will confirm when you can expect a response and keep you advised of the progress.
  • We will aim to revolve your complaint within four weeks.
  • We will send a final response within a maximum period of eight weeks.

What can you do if you are not satisfied with our final response?

If your complaint has been through the Credit Union’s Internal Complaints procedure and you are dissatisfied with the final response letter, you may be entitled to take your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

You can write to Financial Ombudsman, whose address is:

The Financial Ombudsman Service, South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall, London, E14 9SR or phone 0800 023 4567. Their fax number is 0207 964 1001.

However, the Financial Ombudsman is not able to deal with your complaint unless you have first given us the opportunity to put things right. We have made our complaints procedure simple to follow, so that you should not have to use a solicitor or seek professional help. If you choose to do this, you will be responsible for the costs.

You can ask for a copy of our Complaints Handling Procedures and the Financial Ombudsman’s explanatory leaflet from London Mutual Credit Union Limited, 4 Heaton Road, Peckham, London SE15 3TH.

How long do you have to make such a referral?

You have six months from the date of our final response letter to make such a referral. A booklet detailing how to do this will sent to you within the final response letter. Titled “Your Complaint and the Ombudsman”. This explains the service offered and how you may proceed.

Will my complaint be eligible for investigation by the Financial Ombudsman Service?

Whilst the majority of complaints are eligible for further investigation by the Financial Ombudsman Service, it is important that you are aware this does not apply in every instance. If you are in any doubt about whether your complaint would be eligible for further investigation, you should contact the Financial Ombudsman Service directly to clarify this.

Details of the types of complaints the Financial Ombudsman Service will not consider available on their website.–

How will the Financial Ombudsman Service help you?

If your complaint is eligible for further investigation, the Financial Ombudsman Service will listen to what you say and will listen to what we say and look at all the facts. If they think we have treated you fairly, they will tell you why. If they do not think we have treated you fairly, they can make us put things right for you.

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